Friday, November 27, 2009

My Life... My fate

One year has passed now. Mumbai got back to normalcy again.... Hotal Taj repaired, renovated & back to life again. But wounds in some hearts are still open & burning with agony... Hearts of those who had lost one or more of their family members that night. Hearts of those wives... those mothers.... those sisters, who had lost their brave husbands, sons or brothers, fighting against those evils. How could they forget that night of terror & tremor?
This post is just a tribute to all known and unknown persons who lost their lives that night.
Lets pray... that black night of massacre don't come again... Amen.
Vroommm ! The sound of a gun-shot broke the silence of midnight It was fired from one of the commandoes That bullet hit the wall of nearby building, got reflected and fell on the ground, just by my side where I am laying counting my last breaths "He" is also a "bullet" just like me. The only difference... he is fired by a true, patriot and brave soldier and me, came from an evil, cruel militant.

I smiled at him, but he turned his face throwing a glance of hatred and anger at me. It did not surprise me, as it always happens with me. But how he recognized me? How did he know that I belong to those militants? Oh, yes... Its because I am not made in this country. I came from somewhere, thousands of miles away from this country, just to kill some innocent people. I was lucky that it was an aimless firing by them and I just fell on the ground without hurting anybody

I have hated myself throughout my life. Not because I am a bullet, but for being in the wrong hands. From the very first day of my inception, I was destined to kill some innocent people. I never liked it, but does the liking or disliking of a bullet ever matters to any human being? We are made to kill... made to hit... but we are not supposed to chose our target. We are just servants or may be slaves in the hands of our masters. Our masters, who decide where to aim, what to target, which one to kill? Where ever our masters target us, we are supposed to hit it and do the maximum damage. This is our destiny... our fate... A servant, a slave has no right to protest... no right to tell his master that he is doing wrong. They are only made to obey the orders... orders of their masters, no matter right or wrong.

The day I came to this country, I have started loving these people. They are so true, so innocent, but a bullet is not supposed to love. At least, I came here to spread terror and hate... not love. I was so helpless... I couldn't even tell them to be aware of me. I am so dangerous...

The sound of gun shots and grenades intensified. I looked at him, by my side; He was looking at his masters. His face full of pride for his masters, who are fighting bravely against my masters and my masters... the cruel ones... the evil ones... are now hiding inside a building, like cowards A wave of rage, anger and hatred passed throughout my body.

I heard, someone saying, "It's just a matter of few hours now, and we will defeat those cowards "

I felt a bit relieved... relieved ! that there will be an end to this terror now, for the time being at least. For the last time I looked at his face and closed my eyes waiting for the dawn or may be for death whichever comes first


IdleMind said...

Voila! this was a masterpiece ... could come out only from a sensible writer like you. The true patriot would keep the hope alive ... and the spirit was glorified using the bullet.

Wonderful bondhu!! if you stay away to come back and write such a piece, I am ok to wait for you, always!! :)

swapnanjali said...

Terror is such a thing which we can't remove from our mind ...may be we'll be the target next time...who knows... and you've expressed it very nicely...after long time i 'm lucky to read your post

sandy said...

@ Idlemind : I am honoured bondhu. Such encouraging words really boost up the moral & creativity of amateur bloggers like me. Will visit your post soon. :)

@swapnanjali : Thanx for visiting my post and your comments. After long time I am again active in blogging as well. :)

Neeraj Prabhakar said...

hi Sandy...awesome perspective..a new angle to look at overwhelmed..wish to see lots more of such stuff..kudos!!